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Apprentice Outdoor Medical Kit

key features

Closeout Sale of this Generation I kit. There are a couple small aesthetic ink line pocket blemishes from the factory. All sales are final. Non sale price is $169.

Called the Drengr, inexperienced in Old Norse. This kit is excellent for a novice in the wild as the medical supplies are very intuitive to use. It has everything from a variety of bandages to tweezers to an emergency blanket treating small scrapes to foot care to slinging an injured upper extremity.

Basic Medical Kits Include:

  1. Fingertip/Toe, Oval Bandages - 5
  2. Knuckle Bandages - 5
  3. Standard Bandages, 1in x 3in - 7
  4. Gloves, Lg, NonSterile Nitrile - 3
  5. Alcohol Antiseptic, Wipes - 4
  6. Iodine Antiseptic, Wipes - 4
  7. Saline Syringes, 10 mL - 2
  8. Sting & Bite Relief, Wipes - 3
  9. Triple Antibiotic Ointment packets - 3
  10. Burn Relief Water Jel Cream packets - 4
  11. Moleskin Strips - 8
  12. Benzoin Tinctures - 4
  13. Butterfly Stitches - 6
  14. 5in x 9in Gauze Pads-2
  15. 4in x 4in Gauze Pads - 5
  16. 3in x 3in Oil Emulsion Dressing - 3
  17. Conforming Bandage (Stretch Gauze Roll), 3ft x 4.1 yds - 2
  18. Cohesive Bandage Roll, 2 in x 5 yds - 1
  19. SAM Splint, 4.25in X 18in - 1
  20. Triangular Bandages, Safety pins included - 2
  21. Israeli Bandage, Self Application - 1
  22. Medical Tape, 1in X 10yd -1
  23. Trauma Shears - 1
  24. Tweezers - 1
  25. Emergency Blanket - 1
  26. Ibuprofen, Tab 200mg - 4
  27. Acetaminophen, 325mg - 4
  28. Benadryl - 4
  29. First Aid Guide - 1
  30. Contact Card - 1
  31. Emergency Reporting Guide - 1


*By ordering Wild Experience Gear Medical Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. Wild Experience Gear Co LLC assumes no liability for their misuse.


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      Prepare with the right gear. These medical kits will up your safety game and keep you out adventuring.

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      Shifts your mind from fear based thinking to empowered thinking. After all, being present is what we desire most in the elements.

      Outdoor Independence

      You can act as your own first responder especially while on solo ventures.
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      Wild Experience Gear's goal is to design top notch outdoor safety gear starting with professional medical kits. This medical kit is not just another piece of gear needed to take up space. Utilizing quality products shows others around that you take pride in your profession or hobby. We strive to produce top quality, USA made kits that you can trust with your life.

      Hi new friends! My name is Andrea, and I'm the Founder of Wild Experience Gear!

      I created this company because I want to change the world the best way I know how... through the outdoors. My passion.⁣ I'm love to encourage others to step beyond their comfort zones and to level up their skills in the outdoors. But how? Planting seeds of encouragement and designing gear to serve the outdoor community well. ⁣⁣
      Something that is still prominent from my time in the Marine Corps is the importance of safety: by making intelligent, informed decisions, trusting our gear, and relying on our comrades.⁣⁣
      Since March 2019, the wilderness medical kits have gone through a series of trial and error keeping a few things in mind: a wide range of medical scenarios, necessary medical items aiding those scenarios, all the outdoor sports needing support, and most importantly, you. The idea is also was to keep the the kit lightweight, compact, and water resistant so you are more inclined to carry the kit for your adventure parties. Wild Experience Gear has plenty more to come with future gear!⁣⁣
      Through my adventures, I've healed and gained an incredible amount of internal strength I hadn't been able to tap into while indoors. I choose to acknowledge or face my fears, not to yield to them. If we succumb to fears, we're living shackled from our own greatness. I'm determined to build an empire of outdoor badasses with me! I choose to be limitless, do you? Who's with me?!⁣⁣
      Stay safe. Stay wild, my friends!

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