5 First Aid Items for Spring Adventures

5 First Aid Items for Spring Adventures

As another glorious spring rolls around, we say farewell to our favorite winter activities. We welcome those warmer days and set our sights on raging rivers, lush greenery, and epic mountains. In many parts of the U.S. spring offers some of the best weather for hiking and certainly the most awe inspiring views. Don’t let some common hiking injuries ruin your experience. Let’s cover 5 essential first aid supplies so you can fully enjoy everything this amazing season has to offer. 

Assorted Bandages-

Having an assortment of adhesive bandages will take care of the most common hiking injuries. Cuts and scrapes seem to be an inevitable occurrence while adventuring outdoors. Failing to protect even a minor wound can have serious consequences. Be sure to carry an assortment of different style bandages to cover even those awkward cuts near joints or fingers.

Iodine wipes-

Simply covering a wound so it doesn’t bleed is far from adequate medicine. Rubbing dirt on it is also not advised. Even without access to antibacterial soap and hot water, treating a cut or scrape is fairly simple with the right gear. First stop any bleeding by applying pressure with clean gauze. Wipe off any large debris from the wound and flush with clean water. Use an iodine wipe to clean the site. Be sure to start at the wound site and work outward as to not drag unwanted germs into the cut or scrape. The beauty of iodine is that it doesn’t burn or sting when applied. Allow to dry and cover with an appropriate bandage. You may now continue your adventures. 


Spring is a time of rebirth. New vegetation grows and tiny critters seem to appear from thin air. Those of us who are susceptible to moderate to severe allergic reactions, it is a darn good idea to have antihistamines at the ready. Sometimes we can develop sensitivities as adults we never knew we had. Being deep in the backcountry is a terrible time to realize you have developed a late sensitivity to a substance. Having Benadryl on hand might just give you the time needed to get to definitive care. 

Sting Relief Wipes-

Bug bites, Insect nibbles, spider chomps, bee jabs, whatever you want to call them, you have probably experienced it. Adventuring outdoors is about the total experience. Untreated insect bites take your mind off the awesome experience of the wilderness. They can quickly diminish the overall satisfaction of the adventure. We recommend having sting relief in your Essentials Med Kit, The Daywalker, along with some insect repellant to maximize your trek. 

Burn cream-

You may be someone who frequently enjoys ultra lightweight meals prepared by a mini camp stove. These things are great and allow us to travel further and adventure longer. Maybe you are a purist and prefer to cook over an open fire. Either way, we recommend some burn cream in everyone’s essential med kit just in case you get a little too close to the heat. Burn cream can quickly ease the discomfort of minor burns. 

Honorable mention-

Packing some pain relievers is always a good idea to help deal with the aches, pains, and inflammation a long hike can give us. It’s all part of the adventure. You can find miniature plastic bags for pretty cheap online to sort and store different medications you may want to pack. 

We hope this list helps you in your adventures. 

Stay safe. Stay wild, my friends!

-Andrea, The Untamed Dame, Founder/CEO

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