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About Wild Experience Gear

Our kits are built on the medical and outdoor experience of our Founder Andrea, Lead Production Designer Stephen Connell and experts from various backgrounds. These experts include...

Reconnaissance Marines
US Army Special Forces Combat Medics
US Army Rangers
US Army Cavalry Scouts
US Navy Corpsmen

We also sought out a local Idaho skydiving instructor's expertise (GySgt, USMC, Retired U.S. Marine Corps Norman Bower) to ensure we maintain our kits quality while optimizing them to be compact, lightweight and water-resistant.

Providing you with...

Empowerment and confidence to tackle small and large medical situations.

A safety mindset to help prevent dangerous situations with risk management.

The tools to step beyond your limitations and experience new adventures.


Prepare for your next adventure

Don't settle for less.

When you buy from us, you can be absolutely sure you are buying quality gear that has been proven through time. We use expert opinions and reviews to only sell gear that meets our high standards.

A brand for both men and women. A lifestyle empowering those to level up in their untapped potential-- with the ultimate goal of unleashing their inner badass along the way.
Female Veteran Founded. Fiercely led.

"As an adventure athlete, a Marine Corps Veteran, a certified personal trainer, and a certified wilderness first responder, I know the importance of having high quality gear when you’re out on an adventure. My passion for this company is to support the outdoor community in the best way I know how: safety, education, and proper high-quality gear that doesn't fail. Watching people level up on their outdoor skills is one of my greatest passions. Let's go!"

— Andrea, Founder of Wild Experience Gear

Our Story

Encompassed by the jagged ridgelines and fresh mountain air of Stanley, Idaho, Andrea's soul started melding together piece by piece with each new experience. She craved this and want to show others how to do it.

Realizing we’ve lost the ability to navigate the outdoors efficiently with confidence, competence and swagger like our ancestors, Andrea knew she had discovered a barrier to spending time outdoors. She started Wild Experience Gear as a way to help mitigate the lack of knowledge through gear and education.

Andrea chose to start this business with med kits as the first product line because she saw the need to be well equipped outdoors with more than just a drugstore first aid kit. When you trust their gear, you are more inclined to go out and adventure without unneeded anxiety. She rallied tons of experts (combat, urban, and wilderness first aid backgrounds) to research and select the most versatile, necessary and lightweight items. After 1.5 years of development, our first med kits hit the market.

We believe time spent outdoors is healing and ignites the soul. You get to learn you while discovering how strong and resilient your are. No one can give it to you. It’s something you gift yourself. Our goal is to help see you become more self-sustained outdoors.