Female Founded. Passion Led.

From Andrea

As an outdoor enthusiast, a Marine Corps Veteran AND Certified Wilderness First Responder, I know the importance of having high quality gear when you’re out on an adventure. My main goal with this company is to support the outdoor community in the best way I know how. Safety gear. And watching people level up on their outdoor skills!

About Wild Experience Gear

Wild Experience Gear Kits are built on the medical and outdoor experience that Andrea, Lead Production Designer Stephen Connell, and experts from various backgrounds. These experts include Reconnaissance Marines, US Army Special Forces Combat Medics, US Army Rangers, US Army Cavalry Scouts, US Navy Corpsmen, EMTs, Paramedics, and adventures.

They also sought a local skydiving instructor's expertise, GySgt, USMC, Retired U.S. Marine Corps Norman Bower, to maintain the kits’' quality while optimizing them to be compact, lightweight, and water-resistant.

Wild Experience Gear Medical Kits are not just another piece of gear you need to check off your list before you step off into an adventure. These kits are a lifeline and give you the tools you need, when you need them.
This kit encompasses so much more:

Empowerment to tackle small and large medical situations

A safety mindset that prevents many situations with risk management

The tools to step beyond your limitations

Badass, wild and