Women's soft as Hel (ancient goddess of the underworld) T-shirts woven from Thor's very own goat, Heidrun. Ok maybe not... but they are a super soft blend of materials making these short or long sleeve T-shirts comfortable all day. Unlike full cotton t-shirts, we've selected these to minimize chaffing so you can move like a swift raider. Worried about sun exposure after a long winter but still want to roll with your raiding party? Grab a long sleeve shirt and get after it!

Whether you are crushing a Berserker style workout, voyaging across treacherous seas, or simply navigating the grocery store, these T-shirts will make you feel connected your inner badass. Beautifully printed short or long sleeve shirts with runes to inspire strength and strike fear into the enemy, fear. This apparel is designed specifically to fit the unique curves of most shieldmaidens. Our T-shirts represent a community of adventurous badasses. Come and join us!

Women's T-shirts are made from 25% cotton, 25% Rayon and 50% polyester.

Womens T-shirts come in sizes XS-2XL.

USMC veteran owned and operated business.



*By ordering Wild Experience Gear Medical Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. Wild Experience Gear Co LLC assumes no liability for their misuse.