Perfect for quick foothills adventures. Moms hiking with clumsy kids, this is for you. This kit treats minor cuts and scrapes like a standard first aid kit but tailored for the outdoors.

Medical Items Include:

- 4 Iodine Wipes
- 3 Sting Wipes
- 3 Triple Antibiotic Packets
- 3 Burn/First Aid Cream Packets
- 4 Benadryl Packets
- 10 Oval Bandages
- 5 Knuckle Bandages
- 10 Standard Band-Aids
- 5 Butterfly Bandages
- 1 4"x4" Gauze Pad
- 1 6"x5" Canva Bag with Zipper and Clip


*By ordering Wild Experience Gear Medical Aid Kits you warrant that you have the required training and authorization to use the medical supplies contained within. Wild Experience Gear Co LLC assumes no liability for their misuse.